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How does Guide for You work for you?

Siguran vodič do pozitivnog iskustva za gosta

Best experience

You show your care in order to make the guests stay more beautiful and pleasant.

Positive reviews

The positive emotions you provoked with the guests are remembered and discussed, which creates loyalty, recommendations and positive reviews.

Increase in overnight stays

It enables you to keep and return existing guests and attract new ones as well with APP special functions.

Simplicity of use

The multilingual possibility of the application erases fear and obstacles to guests in possible language barriers.

Greater popularity

It ensures greater competitiveness and attractiveness of accommodation and destination.

Facts that increase the occupancy of accommodation

According to the latest research, tourists are now longing for an active holiday. They want to find all the information quickly and in one place.

Smartphone & Tablet0%

Almost 95% of guests and travelers have a smart phone or tablet that they use on holiday to get various information that interests them.


90% of people like to have one multi-purpose application.


82% of travellers do not like to work on different applications if they can use only one wherever they live.


63% of guests order services and other activities via mobile devices.

Social Share0%

An amazing 98% of guests share their experiences via smartphones.

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You want a bigger online presence because you have an authentic offer, and with you guests feel important and respected.

The future of business is mobile

The best mobile solution for accommodation facilities and destinations that thrills every guest.

An ideal application for language barriers

Solving language barriers provides the best experience for guests at every stage of their stay.

Outstanding guest experiences are important

Your guests rarely remember the “usual”, they remember remarkably.