What is the application for?

GUIDE for YOU keeps guests from wandering and wasting time on exploring and gathering all information, an application with which guests will have all verified information in one place.


GUIDE for YOU is an excellent opportunity for all owners of accommodation facilities to impress their guests in easy selection and finding of interest during their stay, all in order to create an unforgettable stay, which will turn beautiful memories into new direct guests and above all better reviews.


GUIDE for YOU is not just a mobile application, it is an information channel between the end user (guest) and an insight into the offer of attractive content offered at your destination or location.

Who is it intended for?

Digital transformation has become part of everyday life, the world has consequently become available on the palm, and mobile devices (smart phone, tablet, …) are increasingly being used using mobile applications and web content of numerous portals.


APP GUIDE for YOU is intended for all legal or physical entities who want to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the destination or accommodation itself, and as final beneficiary it is a guest/tourist.


“Silent” communication with guests through „PUSH notifications”, recommendations for the creation of a stay, as well as many other functionalities positioned APP GUIDE for YOU in one of the most desirable channels used by many of our clients – REFERENCE


According to the latest surveys, tourists are now increasingly changing their destinations, going on excursions, craving active vacations and placing emphasis on the gastronomic offer.


The first person your guest will address for this information is exactly you. Provide them with verified information worth their time.

Everything in one place!

In order not to have to constantly investigate, monitor all new offers and changes that happen in your and surrounding places, the app offers the guest everything.


In Croatia, digital transformation is taking place gradually, but most guests coming from abroad are digitally more advanced and want fast access to information. It's up to us to adapt and offer the best solutions.