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Audio GUIDE for YOU

Although there is still uncertainty about leaving the covid-19 pandemic, we believe it is now necessary to start building a post-crisis strategy that will speed up the recovery of the cultural sector. The audio GUIDE offers a safe tour of cultural and tourist attractions. It gives social distance and allows visitors to enjoy.

Create an audio guide to share your history

Audio Guide for museums and galleries

Share stories from your city or place

Combining performance and convenience, mobile applications open access to culture for everyone. New mobile technologies are a great way to attract a wider audience and attract visitors by exploiting new uses of digital technology. Through technology museums and other cultural sites can invent new ways to transfer knowledge to the general public. Visitor experience is thus improved by using innovative solutions such as audio mobile touring applications. GUIDE for YOU creates apps for tours dedicated to museums, cultural and tourist sites.

Audio GUIDE for YOU is our modern user-friendly content management system. This software will enable your employees to easily update content and redesign your audio tour. This software is designed to offer you independence and control over your tour. GUIDE for YOU will always be available for technical support if you need help updating the content. So even though you will be autonomous, you will have support when you need it.

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